10,000 Miles for Nothing – News Gone Wrong

10,000 Miles for Nothing - News Gone Wrong

(ConservativeHub.com) – Of all the things for a journalist to drop the ball over, you probably wouldn’t expect it to be a famous artist’s new album. Australia’s Matt Doran of Channel 7 recently traveled about 10,000 miles for an interview with the well-known singer Adele — only to botch it after making a serious flub on camera. Although he received an early link to her unreleased album, he managed to arrive at his destination without hearing a single song.

The November 4 exclusive interview with Adele about her newest album, “30,” cost Channel 7 $725,000 (USD). It also involved a 14-hour flight to London. In return, Channel 7 got the streaming rights to the interview. Or at least that was the plan. But Doran says he didn’t know Sony had emailed a copy of the album to him to listen to on the flight from Australia to London. When Adele asked him what he thought of her new album, he simply told her he hadn’t heard it. And that’s when things went south.

While Matt claims the station didn’t “formally” suspend him, Channel 7 did take him off the air for a week. Sony denied the station the rights to the interview, and Adele has yet to comment on the situation publicly. While Doran says this was a simple error based on a lack of communication, the mistake certainly caused its fair share of headaches — not to mention a strong dose of humiliation for Doran, himself.

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