14-Year-Old Caught Trying to Hire Hitman

14-Year-Old Caught Trying to Hire Hitman

(ConservativeHub.com) – While many people may not wish their ex a happy Valentine’s Day, most won’t go out of their way to destroy their day, either. One girl in Lousiana felt differently and attempted to send a deadly gift to her former partner.

The unnamed 14-year-old girl tried to hire someone to kill her 14-year-old ex-boyfriend on February 14. Authorities managed to stop the hit before it went anywhere because she tried to set up the deal on a fake website called RentAHitman.com. The website is satire, and when the girl made the request, the owners contacted authorities.

Officers booked the young lady into the East Baton Rouge Juvenile Detention Center, where she faces charges for solicitation for murder.

Her attorney, Michael Nunnery, noted because of her age, she lacked the mental capacity to understand the nature of the crime. He also explained she actually had no money to hire someone to kill another person.

RentAHitman.com is a humor site, but it does include a form users can fill out to take care of their problem, and it looks like a real place to hire a killer. Still, most adults would recognize it as a fake site. The CEO, Guido Fanelli, said he wishes healing for the intended victim and thanked Baton Rouge PD for taking the matter seriously.

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