2020 Round-Up: Kayleigh McEnany’s Greatest Moments

2020 Round-Up: Kayleigh McEnany's Greatest Moments

(ConservativeHub.com) – Media outlets spent last year grumbling about White House press conferences being nonexistent. So, when Kayleigh McEnany became the new press secretary, they got what they wished for, and maybe more. Some thought she was in over her head and that it wouldn’t be long before she went into hiding. They were so wrong.

Let’s look at some of Kayleigh’s greatest moments from the past year.

Kayleigh Strikes Back

Firstly, let’s revisit the occasion on which she disregarded a reporter’s question to point out the anti-Trump comments made by CNN:

She Takes Reporters to Task

Next, let’s look at the time a reporter asked if President Trump would be pardoning Obama for wire-tapping. McEnany shot back with her own questions regarding the Obama Administration:

She Gives as Good as She Gets

The next video shows McEnany’s rebuttal when a comment she made about COVID-19 was taken out of context. Without missing a beat, she reads out a list of misleading statements major media organizations made about the virus near the outset of the pandemic.

McEnany Calls Out Hypocrisy

Nancy Pelosi’s maskless visit to a San Francisco hair salon in September was one of the Democrats’ most embarrassing moments of 2020. Kayleigh McEnany couldn’t let it pass without comment.

She Sets Firm Boundaries

McEnany has always been more than capable of dealing with cynical questions from journalists. The response in the video below speaks for itself.

She’s Passionate About Equality

Hypocrisy from politicians regarding lockdown measures has been a recurring theme this year. Kayleigh McEnany pulls no punches when discussing it in the below video.

Kayleigh Is Committed to Democracy

Lastly, let’s look at the briefing that’s so controversial, Youtube will only allow you to read what Kayleigh had to say:

For someone who was labeled incompetent and tone-deaf by the White House press corps, it’s quite evident Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s Press Secretary, is perfectly suited to her position.

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