2021 in Memoriam: Colin Powell

2021 in Memoriam: Colin Powell

(ConservativeHub.com) – General Colin Powell died at the age of 84 from COVID-19 on October 18. His legacy is long and colored with many accomplishments. He made history multiple times and stood firm in his convictions.

Powell grew up in Harlem and attended City College of New York, earning a BS in geology. He joined the ROTC and the fraternal organization Pershing Rifles during college, thoroughly enjoying the experience. Powell left college in 1958 with a commission as an Army second lieutenant along with his degree. He excelled in his military career, serving under eight US presidents, including tours in Korea, Vietnam, training at the National War College, serving at the Pentagon, and leading the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Powell later served as the first Black Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman under President George H.W. Bush and as the first African-American Secretary of State under President George W. Bush. Powell was instrumental in instituting the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy under President Bill Clinton, but his moderate Conservative views clashed with many Clinton appointees, including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Defense Secretary Les Aspin.

In 1993, Powell retired from military service but continued serving his country, primarily as an advisor in foreign relations and military issues and eventually as Secretary of State. Both Democrats and Republicans admired him for his work, and both parties considered Powell for cabinet positions over the years.

Powell died at Walter Reed Medical Center of COVID-19 complications made more complex because of treatment for multiple myeloma and early-onset Parkinson’s disease. Presidents Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush attended his funeral service along with First Ladies Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Laura Bush, and Hillary Clinton.

Powell’s strong presence impacted a generation of military and political policy in the US. He secured his place in history through his service as a great American. Rest in peace, General.

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