3 Americans’ Deaths Reported – Possible CAUSE Revealed!

3 Americans May Have Died From CO Poisoning

3 US Citizens May Have Died From CO Poisoning

(ConservativeHub.com) – Death is often sad, but it’s truly tragic when it comes unexpectedly or was preventable. Three Americans recently headed to Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead, but death mysteriously cut their vacations short when they died at the Airbnb rental. After an investigation and autopsies, authorities have a likely cause of death — CO poisoning.

In October, three Americans headed to Mexico City to join the Dia de Los Muertos festivities. However, on October 30, a wellness check revealed the dead bodies of Kandace Florence, Jordan Marshall, and Courtez Hall at their rental apartment.

The apartment owner sent authorities to check on the three vacationers after Florence called her boyfriend in the US and told him she wasn’t feeling well. He was worried when he couldn’t reach her after that, so he messaged the Airbnb host, requesting that the police check on his friends. Upon arrival, officers found the lifeless bodies.

While authorities suspect carbon monoxide poisoning causes their deaths, nothing has been 100% confirmed yet. Families and friends of the deceased are hoping for answers soon. According to WTKR, one of Florence’s family members, Frieda Florence, called the situation “harrowing.” Meanwhile, Marshall’s sister Jasmine also spoke to the outlet, explaining how difficult it was for her to share the heartbreaking news with her mother.

Marshall’s family was set to hold a candlelight vigil on his 29th birthday this month rather than the party they once planned. May they rest in peace.

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