4-Day Work Week Starts Gaining Traction Overseas

More and More Companies Turn to 4-Day Work Week

What Would You Do if Your Employer Made THIS Change?

(ConservativeHub.com) – The four-day work week is a dream for many people, but trial runs have made it a reality in some countries and companies. Iceland conducted a study on the four-day work week from 2015 to 2019 and considered it successful enough to make it permanent in 2021. Some companies and nations have also tried out the shorter work week and were happy with the results.

Countries Cutting Hours

Country-wide orders to cut the work week by a day are most common in Europe. Iceland is a leader when it comes to the four-day work week. The country conducted a study between 2015 and 2019, which resulted in the trade unions negotiating it as a permanent schedule.

Belgium began allowing employees to choose whether they would work a four- or five-day week in February. The hope is to allow for a better work-home balance.

In the United Kingdom, a shortened work schedule pilot program started on June 6 at 70 companies. It is a research project by Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Boston College, and 4 Day Week Global. The program uses the 100:80:100 model, which means employees give 100% effort 80% of the time for 100% of the pay.

Scotland will implement a four-day work week in 2023. The Scottish National Party put the move into effect. Some companies have already begun offering this option.

Wales is considering joining the movement as well. Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe called on leadership to implement the shortened work schedule in public companies.

Companies Cutting Hours

In New Zealand, Unilever is currently trying the new schedule, according to a CNBC report. Meanwhile, Microsoft is doing the same in Japan. Big Potato Games in England ran a trial in 2019, and now the company has instituted the four-day week into its contracts.

Big Potato’s co-founder, Dean Tempest, explained there’s some flexibility to the new schedule. Certain positions can’t have a shortened week because they must be available to customers during traditional customer service hours. Others may also work extra days to meet deadlines or handle special events.

Lux Marketing Agency, LLC, tried the four-day work schedule in January 2020. It was quite successful, and the company made it permanent.

Benefits for Everyone

Employees say they enjoy better mental health and work-life balance when working fewer days. The shorter week can help to prevent burnout and make workers more productive.

According to an article from Forbes, the switch in schedule can help reduce overhead costs, attract better candidates, and improve overall productivity.

Could the four-day work week be successful in the United States? The CEO of 4 Day Week Global says the potential is there for it to become the normal schedule in as little as two years. As more companies and countries begin implementing this new work week, is it possible the US will hop on board?

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