6 Companies NOTIFIED – Lawsuits Filed!

Multiple E-Cigarette Makers Sued

Multiple E-Cigarette Makers Sued by the Government

(ConservativeHub.com) – For some time, Democratic lawmakers and advocacy groups have voiced criticisms over the Biden administration’s response to tobacco regulation in the age of vaping. Now, the administration is cracking down on vape companies that are accused of ignoring regulations to sell their wares. On October 18, the FDA and the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced lawsuits against six e-cigarette manufacturers who allegedly didn’t secure the proper agency approvals before selling their products.

In the filing, the FDA explained all companies selling vapes must submit an application and receive approval before marketing their goods. They accuse the six businesses of failing to undergo the review process. All received warning letters before the government filed the case.

The FDA is seeking a permanent injunction against the companies’ e-cigarette products which would allow the agency to remove the goods from the market and prevent the businesses from continuing to trade. Each named defendant has the option of voluntarily submitting to an injunction.

The FDA has been attempting to control e-cigarettes for years. The agency gained the authority to regulate them back in 2016 as tobacco products — and since then, it has worked to keep them out of the hands of minors while making sure makers and sellers are in compliance with regulations. However, concerns about the illegal selling of e-cigarettes have persisted.

The agency maintains the lawsuits are imperative to upholding the laws pertaining to tobacco replacement products. The FDA has been stricter on enforcement since January 2021, issuing roughly 300 warnings through September 9, 2022. In addition to product removal from the market, the companies could also face a monetary penalty.

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