7 Individuals Indicted Over Alleged Attack on Police Officers

Photo by Josh Couch on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Seven individuals were charged in New York for their involvement in an assault on two NYPD officers in January, as announced by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The incident, which occurred in Times Square and was captured on video, showed the officers being attacked while attempting an arrest, drawing widespread attention.

During a press conference, Bragg revealed that five of the accused had already been arrested. As of the press conference, two of them were still at large. Bragg expressed his dismay at the attack, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy for such acts against law enforcement.

The confrontation began when two officers instructed a group to vacate a sidewalk outside a Manhattan shelter, leading to a scuffle initiated by one Yohenry Brito, who later fled but was arrested four days afterward. 

The charges vary among the defendants, with most facing assault and governmental administration charges, except for one who was only charged with tampering with evidence. A sixth individual was reportedly arrested and arraigned but not indicted on any charges.

All suspects except Brito were released after being indicted without bail, which drew a notable amount of scrutiny. According to The Hill, NYC Mayor Eric Adams condemned the attack but cautioned against prejudiced assumptions about the defendants’ backgrounds. The question of whether the accused are migrants was not directly addressed by Bragg or Adams, but NYPD Chief Joseph Kenney stated that their potential status as asylum seekers would not influence their treatment under the law if found guilty of crimes.

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