Actor Pleads Guilty in Non-Consensual Touching Case

Actor Pleads Guilty in Non-Consensual Touching Case

( – On April 13, Cuba Gooding Jr pleaded guilty to forcibly touching a woman. The charges stem from a 2018 nightclub incident. He stated he kissed a waitress on the lips without her consent. The plea comes three years after his arrest in 2019.

Several women in restaurants and nightclubs have accused Gooding of inappropriate touching. The current case relates to one particular incident, but other victims had prepared to testify if the case went to trial. There were 19 accusers in total.

Gooding’s attorneys argued the #MeToo movement influenced prosecutors to go after people for innocent misunderstandings and gestures. Yet, the actor decided to accept a plea bargain to avoid jail time. When Gooding issued his statement to the court, the actor also apologized to the women who accused him of inappropriate behavior, explaining he didn’t mean to harm anyone, the AP reported on Thursday, April 14.

Under the deal, he will not receive a custodial sentence as long as he attends six months of alcohol and behavior counseling. If he complies, the charges will drop to the lesser crime of harassment. Does the punishment fit the crime, or should the judge have given him jail time?

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