Actor SENTENCED – His Crimes Were Unforgivable!

Actor Gets Lengthy Prison Sentence for Assault Crimes

Actor Gets Prison Sentence for Assault Crimes

( – Fans often put celebrities on pedestals in their minds, almost believing they could do nothing wrong. Yet, one actor and rapper certainly proved this myth untrue after a judge sentenced him to five decades in prison for raping seven women and girls.

On Monday, October 17, Superior Court Judge Joseph Brandolino sentenced Kaalan Walker, a 27-year-old man who starred in the 2017 film “Kings” and the 2018 movie “Superfly,” to at least 50 years in prison. A California jury convicted him of seven counts of rape involving various models. They also acquitted him of three similar horrific counts involving three additional alleged victims.

Years ago, Walker began using social media and the promise of a photo shoot or an introduction to someone famous within the industry to entice young women and teenagers before he assaulted them.

Authorities initially arrested the now-disgraced actor in 2018 but released him on bail. His spring 2022 trial ended in April when the jury convicted him of the horrific crimes and remanded him to custody until his sentencing this week. Walker must register as a sex offender, a designation he’ll keep until he dies.

According to an NBC News report, Attorney Andrew Flier called Walker’s sentence “draconian.” What do you think? Is Flier’s sentence fair given the severity of his crimes?

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