Adam Kinzinger Just Got Hired by CNN

Adam Kinzinger Just Got Hired by CNN

( – While Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger represented the people of Illinois since 2011, he became a much more recognized lawmaker in 2021 when he expressed his opposition to President Donald Trump. He eventually joined the House January 6 Committee alongside Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) and chose not to run for reelection this past November. Instead, Kinzinger accepted an offer to join CNN staff.

On Wednesday, January 4, CNN anchor Erin Burnett declared that Kinzinger would join the reporting staff as the senior political commentator for the network. The news came after he slowly distanced himself from the GOP in recent months, including backing Republicans and Democrats in the most recent election.

After serving six terms in Congress, Kinzinger chose to capitalize on his new brand. While the move surprised many, the network pointed out that he brings “extensive experience in GOP politics” to the table.

CNN’s move to add Kinzinger also aligns with the plan of its new president, Chris Licht, who hopes the network can bring a more serious tone to its reporting and cover more sides of the political landscape conversation. In his first appearance as a CNN employee, the former congressman spoke with Burnett about the votes for House Speaker in the lower chamber. He shared that he believed Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) “should step aside” and let “an acceptable Republican” who Democrats can support step into the role.

Kinzinger described how he believes the role of the House Speaker is to “maintain the institution” and show lawmakers how to debate.

While the move from this former Illinois Republican Representative to join a liberal media network just days after leaving Congress drew criticism from many in his party, it clearly provides him a platform to continue sharing his views. With this career move, he could be planning to stay in the political spotlight for quite some time.

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