Advanced Technology Helps Predict Earthquakes

Advanced Technology Helps Predict Earthquakes

( – A couple of 2019 earthquakes in a remote desert region of southern California prompted an in-depth research project completed the following year. The study determined that those quakes increased the likelihood that “the big one” would strike California. Fortunately, there has been some good news regarding earthquake prediction technology.

Live Science published a report on May 11 discussing the future use of artificial intelligence (AI) in earthquake early warning systems. This system will predict ground movements during a tremor, providing several seconds of advanced notice that a quake could be on the way.

The new system, called DeepShake, builds upon a traditional computer prediction system, called ShakeAlert, used on the West Coast. It detects the first waves of motion preceding an actual earthquake called P-waves. It then calculates when to expect the slower moving S-waves that accompany a seismic event using advanced programming systems.

The new system will use a neural network, a kind of AI, to identify seismic patterns based on data from prior earthquakes. This new integration will then predict the trajectory of the shaking patterns from the upcoming quake, leading to faster identification of and reaction to potential earthquakes.

Experts predict this new technology will be “blazing fast” compared to earlier earthquake alert systems.

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