AG Leading Lawsuit Against Trump Says She’s Worried

AG Leading Lawsuit Against Trump Says She's Worried

( – New York AG Letitia James (Democrat) stated that she fears she may face “lone wolf” attacks while suing former President Donald Trump, members of his family, and his business entities in a civil fraud case.

In an appearance on the podcast “Pod Save America” on Monday, James, who is leading the civil fraud lawsuit, revealed that she has been receiving death threats as she pursues this case. She added that these threats have done nothing to dissuade her from moving forward with the case against Trump, but that she was concerned about all the anger present in society. She proceeded to state that this is the most polarized that society has become since the Civil War.

James continued to say that it is very “unfortunate” and that she is also concerned about those individuals who choose to take action into their own hands and “resort to violence.” This is why they were taking precautions and why in the coming days she will have law enforcement agents around her for additional protection.

The Hill reported that James has filed a lawsuit against Trump, three of his adult children, and business entities accusing them of inflating property values in order to benefit from better investments and loans. For this reason, she is seeking $250 million in financial penalties and is asking the court to block Donald Trump, and his children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump from serving as an officer or directors in corporations that are registered or licensed to operate within the state.

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