Air Force Leaders to Review Handling of Abuse Complaints

Air Force Leaders to Review Handling of Abuse Complaints

( – On September 8, CBS News published the results of a two-year investigation into cases involving United States military service members and alleged domestic violence. CBS investigators, led by anchor and managing editor Norah O’Donnell, found about 100,000 individuals had reported domestic abuse incidents to military authorities since 2015.

CBS News spoke with 40 victims and detailed a pattern of failure on military officials’ part to address their complaints properly. As one might expect, the report triggered a quick response from the Pentagon.

Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall sent a formal statement to CBS News advising he was “extremely troubled” by the individuals’ claims of “inappropriate handling of [their] domestic violence complaints.” He also said he directed Air Force Inspector General Sami D. Said to oversee a “comprehensive review” of the cases discussed in the CBS News report.

Kendall also said he ordered the review to address the level of support provided to victims, the investigative procedures involved in their cases and the resulting disciplinary actions.

Sec. Kendall concluded his statement by stressing the fact the Department of the Air Force maintains a zero-tolerance policy when addressing matters concerning sexual assault, harassment and domestic violence.

Will Kendall’s directive root out and prevent more cases of abuse and assault against men and women in the air force?

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