Air Force Veteran Takes Major Win in Republican Primary

Air Force Veteran Takes Major Win in Republican Primary

She’s RUNNING – GOP Candidate Could Make HISTORY!

( – Indiana may make history this year if Jennifer-Ruth Green snatches victory. Green is running as the Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District. She nabbed the nomination on May 3, allowing her the chance to become the only Black woman Republican in Congress.

Green, a veteran of the Air Force, told Fox News she wants to uphold the principles of the GOP and help Americans see how they benefit everyone. She noted the country’s current state under President Joe Biden calls for the people to come together. She said voters are intelligent and can see how bad things are right now compared to the state of affairs before Biden took office.

Green claimed the Biden agenda is ruining the US, and that people know it. She wants people to vote based on the facts and not because of race or gender. Her platform proposes smaller government, increased fiscal responsibility, and support for the free market. She’s also pro-life and favors election integrity laws requiring people to show IDs to vote.

Green is a Trump supporter. According to the IndyStar, Green promised to continue his America First policies. She will face off against Representative Frank Mrvan (D-IN) in November. Political analysts suggest it will be one of the more competitive races to watch.

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