Airbnb DEATHS – Families Announce Legal Action!

Families Reportedly Suing Over Airbnb CO Deaths

Families Reportedly Suing Over Airbnb Carbon Monoxide Deaths

( – Airbnb faces a potential lawsuit over the deaths of three American tourists visiting Mexico City in late October for the Dia de Los Muertos celebration. The families of the deceased want to ensure no one else suffers the needless losses they have, but the rental booking site has been slow to take any action.

Authorities discovered the bodies of 28-year-old Kandace Florence, 28-year-old Jordan Marshall, and 33-year-old Courtez Hall on October 30. A call between Florence and her boyfriend had cut off after she’d complained of not feeling well. The Washington Post reported the young woman had been vomiting and told the concerned party she felt like she’d “taken ecstasy.” A welfare check confirmed the worst, and autopsies revealed carbon monoxide poisoning was to blame — the result of a broken water heater. A $30 unit to detect the naturally odorless, invisible gas might have saved their lives.

Jennifer Marshall, Freida Florence, and Ceola Hall, the mothers of the three deceased vacationers, say they will sue Airbnb to safeguard future travelers. They want the rental giant to mandate carbon monoxide detectors in all rental units listed on its site. The mothers’ attorney, L. Chris Stewart, told NBC the three wouldn’t be the first to sue over the lax policy.

Airbnb’s statement called the deaths “a terrible tragedy” and said the company has provided 200,000 of its hosts with carbon monoxide detectors. But given that there are over 4 million on its site, how many rentals continue to go unprotected in the meantime?

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