Alex Jones Liquidating Assets in Effort To Cover Damages Owed

Alex Jones Liquidating Assets in Effort To Pay Damages Owed

( – Last week, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting family victims requested that a bankruptcy judge liquidate the media company of Alex Jones. Days later, Jones reportedly agreed to their demands and moved to liquidate his assets in order to pay some of his legal damages.

Free Speech Systems, Jones’ company, filed for bankruptcy protection in 2022 when it was ordered to pay to the victims’ families close to $1.5 billion. The lawsuit had been filed by the families after Jones started to push fake conspiracy theories that the Sandy Hook school shooting resulting in the deaths of 26 people was a hoax. 

On Sunday, June 2, the families filed in the Southern District of Texas an emergency motion calling for the bankruptcy court to convert the reorganization to liquidation. 

The motion stated the Connecticut Families believe that a supervised liquidation would allow the case to reach a much-needed conclusion and that immediate recovery would be available to creditors through this move.

Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez stated that the motion would be addressed on June 14. The motion also pointed to comments made by Jones on his podcast over the weekend where he had claimed that his media company would be shut down by the bankruptcy system and federal government. He had also encouraged his followers to surround the building in an attempt to protect the company.

During his show, Jones had also allegedly said that at the end of the day, they would defeat “those people,” but that it’s been a tough fight because they hated “our children.”

On June 6, however, Jones’ lawyers took steps to start liquidating his assets. According to them, the idea of a “successful reorganization” of his debts is simply not “reasonable.” The liquidation of his assets will go toward the $1.5 billion he owes, and he will likely no longer own InfoWars.

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