Almost 1,100 Gallons of Gas Stolen, Police Say

Almost 1,100 Gallons of Gas Stolen, Police Say

Gas STOLEN – Police Say A Massive Crime Was Committed

( – Gas prices are outrageous, but that doesn’t mean people can just steal fuel. Authorities in St. Cloud, Florida, are searching for two male suspects who allegedly stole almost 1,100 gallons of diesel from a Mobil gas station on Narcoossee Road. The theft involved two trucks carrying tanks. Employees reported it on June 1.

Sergeant Wayne Souza said the trucks took turns at the same pump. They left and returned to fill up again. The suspects’ last known location was on Narcoossee Road.

Police identified the vehicles as white Ford F-250s. One of the trucks had light running boards, and the other had dark ones. One of the suspects wore blue jeans or gray sweatpants, a long-sleeved green shirt, a white hat with an “R” on the front, and white tennis shoes. The other man was Hispanic. Authorities believe he had a dark-colored shirt, sunglasses, and a fisherman’s hat.

Officers implore the public to be alert when at the pump and watch out for people who may be committing theft. Black market sales are increasing as prices soar. These criminals steal gas and sell it at much lower prices than consumers can buy it for at the pumps. Authorities say these theft rings are growing throughout Florida and nearby states.

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