Alternate Party Attracts Criticism From Center-Left Group

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – A new political party has gained ballot access in three separate states. The party is hoping to offer voters a third-party option for 2024. However, Fox News reports that some Democrats have concerns that the new party could lead to the Republicans winning the presidency.

No Labels is a party that says it’s seeking to give voters an option in the election that is non-extreme. So far, the group has garnered the required support in order to be named in official ballots in three states, including Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon. However, a recent memo from “center-left” group Third Way criticized the group, stating that they are “on track to field a spoiler” who would help get Trump or a similar politician reelected.

President Joe Biden is widely expected to be preparing to launch his new bid for another term the next few months. A number of Republicans have already joined the race for the 2024 GOP primary, including former President Donald Trump. However, the movement for a third party has gained the attention of both sides of the political spectrum.

Previously, third-party candidates have been unsuccessful in receiving support during the presidential election. Third Way’s warning memo, which was originally reported on by Politico, also argues that a third-party candidate would not have the opportunity to win in the 2024 general election and that most likely this party would just pick potential Democratic voters. Third Way cited 2016 candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson as proof of how third-party candidates tend to assist Republicans.

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