Amazon Service Outage Has Severe Impact Across the Country

Amazon Service Outage Has Severe Impact Across the Country

( – Society’s reliance on technology is exceptionally obvious when that technology fails. A recent outage of a huge network caused panic and brought up questions about whether people rely too much on Big Tech.

On December 7, Amazon’s network went down, causing a blackout for a large number of businesses. The service interruption lasted over five hours.

While the downtime mainly impacted the eastern portion of the US, the effects were tremendous. It caused game servers to crash, stopped payment services, and brought video streaming to a halt. Amazon’s own services also suffered. Even the Associated Press couldn’t move forward due to an inoperable publishing system.

Through statements and other communications, the company said it was working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Amazon later said the malfunction of some of its network devices in Virginia led to the outage.

Experts say the service disruption is indicative of problems with the modern internet. AP News reported the account of one activist Carl Malamud, who pointed out that the original design allowed for decentralization to prevent issues like this and keep internet services stable. With Big Tech having so much control, a failure like this can be extremely widespread, and the extent to which this week’s hiccup impacted US business makes that reality a frightening one.

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