Amber Heard Appeals Verdict in Case Involving Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Appeals Verdict in Case With Johnny Depp

( – In 2018, actress Amber Heard wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post about sexual violence and her previous relationship. While she never directly mentioned her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, the piece became the center of a defamation lawsuit the actor filed in 2019 against Heard. The jury ruled in Depp’s favor, and the judge ordered Heard to pay $15 million in damages to her former husband. But the actress wasn’t ready to accept that outcome. She appealed the decision, saying the court made mistakes.

News outlets reported on court documents showing Heard’s attorney argued the jury’s decisions to award damages to Depp, and the actress for one of her countersuit claims, are in opposition. Ruling for Depp required believing Heard lied about the violence, whereas the ruling in favor of the actress would need her abuse assertions to be true.

Heard’s legal team also stated the trial was in the wrong venue because the former couple both lived in California. Depp decided to use a Virginia law to file the case there. The state permits civil case filings when the harm occurred in the state, and since The Washington Post has servers there, Depp claimed the defamation happened in Virginia. If he had tried to bring the claim in California, he would have faced stricter rules around defamation and free speech that might have made it impossible to file.

Heard’s team is also arguing that Depp did not prove their client knew she was writing false information in the op-ed about the abuse, which would speak to her intentions. They also rattled off multiple other alleged errors, including a failure to provide proper jury instruction and an excessive award of damages.

Heard is hoping the appeals court will dismiss or reverse the lower court’s decision or require a new trial.

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