American Interpreter Fears for Her Life After Being Left in Afghanistan

American Interpreter Fears for Her Life After Being Left in Afghanistan

( – President Joe Biden loves to talk about America’s obligation to its service members and their families. However, many don’t feel he’s doing enough for American civilians who risked their lives to work alongside US military officials.

On August 30, CNN host Chris Cuomo interviewed an American citizen left behind in Afghanistan in the wake of the final liftoff of airplanes from Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport loaded with American civilians, military service members, and Afghan allies.

The woman, who went by the pseudonym “Sara,” is an American citizen who worked as an interpreter for US military officials for more than 14 years. She told Cuomo no one bothered to tell her that American forces were leaving Afghanistan permanently. “It’s heartbreaking,” she said, to be left behind. “We are in danger,” she added, referring to more than a dozen children and a few Afghan adults she is trying to protect.

Cuomo followed up on this report with some good news during a later airing of his nightly program. Former US intelligence officer and Afghan War veteran Sam Rogers told Cuomo that he is working with the Concerned Veterans for America Foundation to extract Sara and roughly two dozen others from Afghanistan. He said their evacuation would have to happen by land as the airports aren’t safe anymore.

Rogers also criticized the Biden administration for failing to take steps to take care of Sara and other American citizens and Afghan allies. He related that he contacted State Department officials, and they directed him to a generic web page for Sara to use for assistance. However, she told him the site kept crashing.

It’s disheartening to think the best the Biden administration can do right now is offer a web page form for a heroic individual such as Sara, who dedicated more than a decade of her life to serving alongside US troops in Afghanistan. At least Rogers and other veterans are stepping up and attempting to save the day.

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