Americans Reveal Their Biggest Concerns in New Poll

Americans Reveal Their Biggest Concerns in New Poll

( – In the US and around the world, a lot is going on with inflation and rising gas prices. Meanwhile, COVID-19 is still making headlines at home, and all eyes are on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. A new poll released Monday, March 7, pinpoints what most Americans currently view as the top threats to the US.

The Gallup poll, which surveyed 1,008 adults between February 1 and 17, lists a variety of critical threats facing the US. A stunning majority, 82%, pointed to cyberterrorism as the top threat. The second and third most concerning threats were the developments of nuclear weapons by North Korea and Iran, at 78% and 76%, respectively.

Many Americans, 64%, were also concerned about the spread of infectious diseases, while 71% and 68% of people who joined in the poll listed international and domestic terrorism, respectively, among their top worries. China’s military power worried about 67% of participants, which is a 26-point increase over 2016. Additionally, Russia’s military build-up concerned about 59% of participants.

Of note, pollsters conducted this survey before Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. At the time of the survey, 52% considered the conflict a critical threat. It’s unknown whether Americans would provide the same answers today that they did a month ago.

Do you agree with the poll results? What are your greatest concerns for the US?

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