Americans Who Volunteered in Ukraine Allegedly Captured by Russian Forces

Two Americans in Ukraine Reportedly Captured by Russian Forces

Americans Reportedly CAPTURED – Here’s What We Know

( – When Russian President Vladimir Putin first ordered troops to enter Ukraine, the world watched, many anxious about what would happen. A few days in, Ukraine called for internationals to join the fight. Despite the US government warning against such actions, many soldiers rose to the call. Now, Russian forces have reportedly captured two Americans.

On June 8, families spoke to Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh, 27, and Alexander Drueke, 39, who had volunteered to help Ukraine push Russia out of their country. However, they didn’t hear from the pair again. The loved ones began reaching out to state officials for help, and now, the State Department is looking it, but haven’t commented on the situation.

Russian forces likely took the two men while they fought outside of Kharviv in early June. According to an exclusive report from The Telegraph, the men received bad intel and ended up outgunned in a clash with Russian forces. After a skirmish involving tanks and armor, drones couldn’t spot the two men’s bodies, and a Russian Telegram channel claimed the nation captured two Americans.

The State Department told reporters it was closely monitoring the situation and staying in contact with Ukrainian authorities to validate the unconfirmed reports. On June 17, Russian media released video that seemed to depict the two missing men. Meanwhile, authorities have also indicated that they are looking into reports of a third missing American in Ukraine — former Marine Grady Kurpasi.

Could Putin use their lives as bargaining chips?

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