Andrew Cuomo Reportedly Taking Legal Action Against Attorney General

Andrew Cuomo Reportedly Taking Legal Action Against Attorney General

( – After leaving the New York Governor’s office in disgrace, Andrew Cuomo has laid pretty low. Now, he’s back and taking aim at the state’s attorney general.

The former governor is planning to file a complaint against New York Attorney General Letitia James for professional misconduct during the compiling and publishing of the report leading to his resignation. The case will go to a state Supreme Court committee that could disbar James.

Cuomo claims the report James penned omitted important information and came from a place of political bias. The former governor’s attorney, Rita Glavin, said James used her office to create a report she knew would force Cuomo out of office, freeing up the position for herself. Glavin is calling for more accountability and asks the committee for a license suspension or censure of the attorney general.

While the Attorney General did run for governor, later dropping out of the race, her spokesperson, Delaney Kempner, said the report was factual, as evidenced by Cuomo’s own admissions of guilt. She said he has a right to file a lawsuit if he believes he has a case, but the office sees this as an attack and another attempt to hide the truth of what he did.

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