Another $53 MILLION in Foreign Aid – Guess Where It’s Going!

US To Help Ukraine With Energy Infrastructure

US Providing Funds To Help Ukraine With Energy Infrastructure

( – The United States has provided billions to Ukraine in war-related aid, and the money keeps flowing. On November 29, the US Department of State announced it would send the nation $53 million in additional assistance. The announcement followed a $55 million investment on October 6. Both funding efforts focus on helping the war-torn country rebuild and repair its energy grid.

This fall, Russia began launching repeated attacks on the Ukrainian power grid, already weakened after months of warfare. The infrastructure is old and outdated, making repairs more difficult and time-consuming.

According to a report from The Washington Post, World Health Organization (WHO) regional director Hans Henri P Kluge stressed the risks of a harsh winter for Ukrainians due to the energy system issues to reporters on November 21. Dropping temperatures amidst the current rolling blackouts will create a dangerous living environment. The funding from Washington may help to address the need for a stabilized power grid.

The fast response from the Biden administration is not surprising, considering the large amount of aid it has already given to Ukraine. WaPo reported that Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges claimed Russia’s attacks on the Ukrainian power grid aimed to create a sense of fatigue, hoping to send millions of citizens fleeing from the country to Europe, thereby creating pressure on allies.

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