Antony Blinken Grilled on Biden’s Taiwan Comments

Antony Blinken Grilled on Biden's Taiwan Comments

( – The island of Taiwan is a touchy topic between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the US. The PRC claims ownership over it while we provide it with weapons to defend itself. For quite some time, the US has held its relationship with the island in “strategic ambiguity,” but it seems President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are having trouble lining up their comments around the subject.

On Thursday, October 21, President Biden told CNN’s town hall listeners the US would defend Taiwan if China invaded the nation. China reacted poorly to this statement, emphasizing it has “no room” compromise surrounding its claims over the country.

However, CNN host Dana Bash asked Blinken about the same issue on Sunday, October 31. The Secretary of State only repeated the United States will make “sure that Taiwan has the ability to defend itself from any aggression.” He would not say more or less on the subject, even when pushed. Bash emphasized this statement was clearly different than Biden’s just a few days before.

This interview came just hours after Blinken met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Rome during the G20 Summit, shared here by Reuters:

There’s a large difference between Biden’s promise to defend Taiwan and Blinken’s simple statement the US will ensure the island can defend itself. Does this mean Biden promised more than the US will follow through on, or are the two leaders out of step with each other? Hopefully, they can unify their front on this subject before tensions escalate.

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