AOC Torched Online After Being Seen Maskless in Florida

AOC Torched After Being Seen Maskless in Florida

( – While New Yorkers buckle down in their apartments once again as the Omicron variant spreads through their city, their US House Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), took a vacation to Florida. Many people saw the New York congresswoman partying maskless at a drag bar in Miami, which drew criticism from commenters online.

On Sunday, January 2, reporters nabbed footage of AOC at a crowded Miami bar without a mask. Despite her constant calls for her own constituents to mask up to “stop the spread,” she chose not to cover her mouth while in a state she loves to attack for its lack of mandates. One conservative journalist shared the video on Twitter, highlighting AOC’s hypocrisy:

Fox News’ David Asman shared more opinions about the move from the Left’s “Squad” leader, pointing out that the issue was less about her lack of mask and more about how she “fear mongers about Florida” but still chose to take her vacation there.

Shooting back at critics, AOC accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) of being “inexplicably missing” during her time in his state. She completely ignored, or was unaware of, the fact DeSantis has been regularly working in his office and accompanying his wife to her cancer treatments.

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