Arkansas Man Accused of Carrying Out Shooting Outside Grocery Store

Photo by AJ Colores on Unsplash

( – On Friday, June 21, Arkansas State Police reported that that morning, there was a shooting outside a grocery store in Fordyce that resulted in 4 deaths and 10 injuries. 

Two law enforcement officers suffered non-life threatening wounds as a result of the shooting, according to Mike Hagar, Arkansas State Police Secretary of Public Safety and Director. The alleged shooter is now in custody following an exchange of gunfire with the police officers.

The suspect has been identified as 44-year-old Travis Eugene Posey, who was charged with four counts of capital murder. He was also charged with 10 counts of attempted capital murder. Early reports indicated that three people were killed, but a fourth reportedly died a day later. Posey has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Hagar revealed that some of the victims were wounded critically, while others had non-life-threatening injuries. He added that this was heartbreaking and that his and his colleagues’ prayers remain with the affected victims and community. 

A witness, who works the Holt Builders Supply store across the street, said that he had heard “several rounds” of gunfire. The employee further noted that there had been several agencies at the scene trying to discern what was happening and there were police officers around the pharmacy which is next door to the grocery store. He added that during that time, the situation in the area was quite hectic. 

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to social media following the incident to thank law enforcement and first responders for their quick response. She continued by stating that she would pray for all the victims and those impacted by the shooting.

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