Armed Man Shot and Killed After Threatening Family Gathering

Armed Man Shot and Killed After Threatening Family Gathering

Armed Man DEAD – He Went Too Far!

( – During the evening of August 7, a family gathered in West Palm Beach on 4th Street, but the peaceful event soon turned violent. Two women began fighting, and eventually, the brawl expanded to involve 20 people. Someone took out a gun and threatened to shoot into the crowd. People tried to get him to drop his weapon, but he refused, leading another man to shoot and kill him.

West Palm Beach authorities received a 911 call from the shooter, a 32-year-old man, who confessed what he did. When police arrived on the scene, the original gunman, a 22-year-old, was dead. The 32-year-old stayed and spoke with authorities. He had a concealed carry permit to possess his firearm legally, and officers said there are no pending charges against him.

A similar event occurred in Indiana when a citizen with a concealed carry license stopped a potential mass shooter at a mall in Indianapolis. Additionally, in May, a woman prevented a man from furthering his plan to kill people in a crowd when she shot him with her legal firearm in Charleston, West Virginia. In a recent report, Newsweek reported that there were at least 21 other situations since January 2020 where a Good Samaritan legally carrying a weapon prevented deaths from gun violence.

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