Assault Victim’s Attorney Criticizes Criminal Justice System

Assault Victim's Attorney Criticizes Criminal Justice System

( – A November assault on a woman led to a revelation the suspect has a lengthy criminal history. Now, the victim and her lawyer want to know why this man was even on the streets.

Model Bew Jirajariyawetch was on the New York subway heading home after a concert when Kevin Douglas allegedly attacked her. Shown on video, Douglas held her down and hit her. Jirajariyawetch said he struck her face multiple times before inappropriately touching her and then robbing her. The District Attorney didn’t issue an arrest warrant for the man until February 10. However, Jirajariyawetch pointed out during an interview with Fox & Friends that the assault showed her the “worst side” of the city.

Douglas faces charges for assault and robbery, but he also has a criminal record going back to 1997, according to the New York Post. He was already in jail for assault when the warrant for this case came down. Records show Douglas also had 44 prior arrests. Jirajariyawetch’s attorney, Eric Parnes, said during the interview the district attorney needs to explain why this man was free in public to keep committing crimes.

Parnes said it’s a broken system if people who continuously enter the system can get right back out so quickly. The lawyer also questioned why it took three months for the DA to file charges. During the time between the attack and the arrest warrant for the attack on Jirajariyawetch, police reportedly arrested the man for committing more violent crimes.

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