Astronauts Return to Earth After Long Space Mission

Astronauts Return to Earth After Long Space Mission

( – While most astronauts cherish their time in space, fully understanding the privilege and honor it is to represent their country on the International Space Station (ISS), they often share their excitement about making it back home to Earth. The latest batch of ISS astronauts landed in the Gulf of Mexico after experiencing a slight mishap during their mission back to the planet.

On Monday, November 8, four astronauts landed the Dragon spacecraft “Endeavour” in the Gulf of Mexico at 10:33 p.m. ET after six months at the ISS. A recovery crew quickly scooped up the brave souls and helped them readjust to Earth’s gravity by placing them on stretchers for a time. The crew was quite happy about the warm welcome after their final hours.

Before their ten-hour descent from the ISS, reports showed that the toilet aboard the Endeavour did not function correctly, forcing the crew to wear diapers for the duration of the trip. NASA astronaut Megan McArthur emphasized it was “sub-optimal” but highlighted that they purposefully train to deal with little mishaps like this.

One American shared a video he caught of the capsule’s re-entry:

Thankfully, the crew made it back Earth-side safe and sound, and they were even able to snap some photographs during a final loop around the ISS before making their descent to Earth. Such an incredible experience may prompt the crew to start dreaming of their next voyage to the stars.

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