Attorney Makes Stunning Reveal About Murder Suspect and Victim

Attorney Makes Stunning Reveal About Murder Suspect and Victim

( – In March 2022, Utah resident Eric Richins died after allegedly being poisoned by his wife, Kouri Richins. According to the attorney representing Eric, the man took multiple deliberate steps to ensure that his wife would not be the sole beneficiary of his estate. The circumstances surrounding Eric’s tragic demise have been the subject of a criminal investigation, with prosecutors claiming that Kouri, aged 33, used fentanyl to spike her husband’s cocktail while they were in their Kamas home. Notably, their three sons were innocently asleep at the time of the incident, unaware of what was happening.

In light of the developments in the murder case, estate-planning attorney Kristal Bowman-Carter has provided new details that shed light on Eric Richins’ estate plan. These declarations were filed in Summit County, and they emphasize the unusual choices Eric made when structuring his estate plan.

One of the most striking decisions made by Eric prior to his passing was his deliberate exclusion of his wife, Kouri, as a beneficiary in his will. Instead, he opted to designate his sister and father as the beneficiaries of his estate. This choice raises questions about the nature of the relationship between Eric and Kouri, as well as how this may have played into the man’s death. Authorities were made aware of previous incidents where Kouri allegedly made attempts to poison Eric. The family revealed instances dating back several years, including an alleged poisoning attempt during a trip to Greece and another on Valentine’s Day just a year before Eric died.

Bowman-Carter, the estate-planning attorney involved in Eric’s case, shares insights into her professional association with Eric. Their first encounter took place in 2018 when she assisted in preparing a buy-sell agreement for his masonry business. This earlier interaction laid the foundation for their professional relationship, leading to Eric reaching out to her again in October 2020 to discuss his estate plans. During their meeting, Eric revealed two primary goals that shaped the decisions made in his estate plan.

Firstly, Eric expressed his concern for his short-term protection, particularly after discovering his wife’s financial abuses within their shared assets. Secondly, Eric’s focus was on the long-term protection of his three sons. Ensuring their well-being and financial security was important him. As a result, Eric made a conscious decision to prevent Kouri from having any influence or control over his properties following his passing.

Eric Richins’ attorney, supported by the declarations of estate-planning attorney Kristal Bowman-Carter, has offered information about the steps Eric took to safeguard his estate and protect his children’s future. These precautions, including the exclusion of his wife as a beneficiary and the decision to seek legal assistance in the face of financial misconduct, shed light on the dynamics within Eric and Kouri’s relationship.

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