Attorneys General File Lawsuit Over ATF Rules

Attorney General Files Lawsuit Over ATF Rule

Are These Rules ILLEGAL? – Critical Lawsuit Filed!

( – President Joe Biden announced he would fight gun violence through additional regulations on ghost guns in April. The administration has been trying to crack down on guns made by private citizens with parts lacking serial numbers. One step in his plan was to empower the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to make more guidelines to impose on gun owners and manufacturers, which led to a lawsuit led by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich against the Department of Justice (DOJ), the ATF and its acting director.

The AG, and those of 16 other states, Gun Owners of America, Morehouse Enterprises, and Gun Owners Foundation, filed the complaint on July 27. They say the ATF rules regulating parts manufacturing are the same as those for complete and functional weapons, which is unconstitutional.

The group claims the regulations are impractical to the point where they could close down businesses or harm private citizens. The requirement to keep records is dangerously close to creating a national registry. Additionally, the lawsuit claims the new conditions threaten citizens’ right to privacy.

The plaintiffs say the ATF is overstepping its authority. The rules would never pass both houses of Congress, the only body with the right to create restrictions like this.

They asked the court for a preliminary injunction to prevent the regulations from becoming effective on August 24. The plaintiffs also seek permanent relief, preventing the ATF from ever imposing the changes.

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