Attorneys Say Ghislaine Maxwell’s Rights Were Violated

Attorneys Say Ghislaine Maxwell's Rights Were Violated

( – Crowds of people celebrated in late December when a jury convicted British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell of sex trafficking underage girls with her friend, the late pedophile Jeffery Epstein. However, after a juror publicly disclosed previous sexual abuse to a reporter, Maxwell’s lawyers are now pushing for a mistrial.

On Tuesday, February 1, Maxwell’s legal team declared Juror 50, known by his first and middle names Scotty David, “violated” their client’s rights when he swayed others on the jury by telling his personal story of sexual abuse. In a letter to Judge Alison Nathan, the attorneys alleged Scotty “corrupted” the jury selection process and could not be impartial in the case due to his personal history.

In the letter, the attorneys also said that the motion for retrial should not be made public, arguing that it would give the juror in question more information than he should be allowed to have.

Lawyer and journalist Lucia Osborne-Crowley highlighted more details about this development:

For now, Maxwell’s sentencing date is June 28, and she faces up to 65 years in prison. However, if Judge Nathan believes a retrial is the best and fairest way to proceed, all of Maxwell’s convictions would be up in the air again until the court holds a new trial. Hopefully, the courts will resolve this quickly and bring justice and closure to this case.

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