Australia and US Enter Tank Deal

Australia and US Enter Tank Deal

( – Australia and the United States have long had a friendly relationship. The Land Down Under is currently caught up in tensions arising from Chinese aggression in the South China Sea, which pairs it up once again with the US. So, it is no surprise that America is helping Australia to strengthen its military.

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton announced the approval of a $3.5-billion deal with the US. The agreement will provide the nation with a range of different kinds of tanks. The fleet upgrade will help replace outdated combat vehicles purchased in 2007. Delivery will begin in 2024, and the vehicles will become active in 2025.

Dutton explained the purchase will help the military to do its job as effectively as possible. He said the equipment would include the latest technology for defense capabilities and serve as an investment in Australian industries.

The Hill reports that the deal is a sign of the continued US/Australia alliance against China. It comes after the September formation of the AUKUS alliance to secure nuclear-powered submarines for Australia.

National security experts have expressed some concern over the purchase of ground vehicles in preparation for combat against a nation like China, where conflicts will most likely occur in the air or sea. They explain the country has had no use for tanks since the Vietnam War and wonder whether the vehicles represent a good investment.

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