Authorities Bust Drug-Smuggler’s Tunnel Near Border

Authorities Bust Drug-Smuggler's Tunnel Near Border

Drug Smugglers’ Worst Nightmare Comes True After Feds Make Shocking Discovery

( – Smugglers try many ways to get illegal drugs across the border, from stashing them in cargo planes and cars to sending them through a border checkpoint with people pretending to be tourists. Some enterprising individuals have reportedly even built intricate tunnel systems underneath the border to move narcotics from Mexico into the US. Amazingly, however, federal authorities just found one and shut it down.

On Monday, May 16, Randy Grossman, the US Attorney for the Southern District of California, announced many different federal agencies worked together to discover and take down a drug-smuggling tunnel running from Tijuana, Mexico, to a warehouse in Southern California. The heavily fortified tunnel runs one-third of a mile from beginning to end, is 61 feet deep, and 4 feet wide at its largest part. The tunnel was one of more than 90 found since 1993.

During the investigation, authorities also seized 1,762 pounds of cocaine, 3.5 pounds of heroin, and 164 pounds of methamphetamine. The Associated Press shared a video with more details:

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) believes the Sinaloa cartel operates many smuggling tunnels, although they did not assign ownership of the most recent tunnel to anyone yet. Still, they did arrest six Southern California residents in connection with the finding and charged them with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. While authorities will never know how many drugs already passed through the tunnel, they can be certain no more will.

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