Authorities Confirm ID of Man Who Vanished in 2003

Authorities Confirm ID of Man Who Vanished in 2003

( – Any fan of true crime knows people sometimes seem to vanish into thin air. In one Pennsylvania cold case from 2003, the family of a missing man just got answers thanks to volunteers who weren’t willing to give up.

Adventurers with Purpose Underwater Dive and Recovery took on the case of James “Jimmy” Amabile, a 38-year-old father who went missing on December 4, 2003. Amabile had called his daughters’ babysitter to let her know he was running late due to oversleeping, and nobody heard from him again.

Amabile’s car, a 2002 Ford Explorer, also went missing. Law enforcement followed all leads but couldn’t find Amabile. His family said he wouldn’t have walked away from his family. Plus, there was never any activity on his bank account, credit cards, or cell phone. They said he loved his children too much to leave them.

When the volunteer group began looking into the case, they followed his cell phone pings. That led them to Darby Creek, where they dove into the debris-filled waters and discovered his vehicle and remains on March 19. Medical examiners then used dental records to confirm the identity of the body.

Stephen Amabile, the victim’s brother, said he believes James had an accident after suffering from a diabetic emergency. He said the family is relieved to have closure.

Adventurers with Purpose has a history of assisting in solving cold cases like this one. Since 2019, they’ve helped find 19 missing people and recovered more than 100 lost vehicles.

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