Authorities Deal Significant Blow to Notorious Colombian Cartel

Authorities Deal Significant Blow to Notorious Colombian Cartel

Major DRUG BUST – Law Enforcement Strikes Back

( – Cartels push illicit drugs, and people easily get hooked on their wares, with millions falling prey to addiction every year. While the war on narcotics will likely continue for decades, Italian authorities dealt a significant blow to the Colombian Gulf Clan Cartel this week when they seized 4.3 tons of cocaine making its way into Europe.

On Tuesday, June 7, Guardia di Finanza, or Italian financial police, teamed up with anti-mafia investigators to confiscate cocaine worth an estimated 240 million euros in Italy. After infiltrating the drug ring and participating in 19 “controlled deliveries,” undercover agents carried out the major bust.

Along with the cocaine, they seized 1.8 million euros and multiple vehicles allegedly used for transporting the illegal substances. Italian authorities have arrest warrants for 38 people in the country and neighboring nations, some of whom they arrested during the sting.

Euronews shared about the extensive sting operation on Twitter:

This seizure is classified as one of the largest drug busts ever in Europe. The sting came shortly after the US extradited the cartel’s alleged leader, Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, whose nickname is Otoniel, from Colombia in May, leading the cartel to shut down many towns in Northern Colombia in protest of his removal.

Authorities can only speculate about whether the impressive bust will force the cartel to operate on a smaller scale for some time, but drug enforcement agencies continue to be watchful internationally.

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