Authorities Find Dozens of Children Amid Three-Week Operation

Authorities Find Dozens of Children Amid Three-Week Operation

Dozens Of Missing Children FOUND In Major Operation

( – Whenever a child disappears, parents and guardians typically have to prepare themselves for the worst possible outcomes, including death or human trafficking. However, the government is constantly trying to prevent and uncover horrific crimes like these. It recently rescued 70 children — some of whom were reportedly trafficking victims — in a three-week operation.

On Wednesday, May 25, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) announced it teamed up with various agencies to locate and extract 70 missing children during “Operation Lost Souls.” The investigation ran from late April to mid-May in Texas, as investigators tracked children aged 10 to 17. The US Marshalls shared about the victory on Twitter:

The coordinating agencies announced these children’s recovery on National Missing Children’s Day, giving the communities and families seeking these children a bit of relief as their loved ones began their journeys home and toward healing. Of course, this is only the first step in a long road to recovery for these traumatized children.

The Daily Wire shared where many of the children came from:

Taekuk Cho, HSI El Paso Deputy Special Agent in Charge, emphasized his team will coordinate with prosecutors to ensure the perpetrators face justice for their crimes. The investigation also provided evidence of other potential sex trafficking victims, and officials hope to follow those leads to free more children from the terrors of abuse.

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