Authorities Investigating Death of Matthew Perry

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – Over half a year after the death of “Friends” star Matthew Perry due to the effects of ketamine, the authorities are conducting an investigation.

On Tuesday, May 21, the Los Angeles Police Department revealed that they are currently working alongside the Drug Enforcement Administration in order to criminally investigate the actor’s death.

In an email, Los Angeles Police Capt. Scot Williams disclosed that his department was looking to find out why Perry’s body contained such a large amount of ketamine when he died last October. The death occurred on Oct. 28, after the star apparently drowned in his home’s hot tub in the Pacific Palisades area in Los Angeles. At the time of his death, Perry was 54 years old. The autopsy further noted that trace amounts of ketamine were found in the stomach and that it was unknown how Perry had taken the substance. 

Perry’s death was attributed to the ketamine and the drowning, but also other contributing factors including coronary artery disease and the effect so buprenorphine. Prescription medications were reportedly found around his home, though no illegal substances were found near the body.

The autopsy described ketamine as a dissociative anesthetic drug that is used during surgeries. The drug is known for its use in medical settings. 

Perry had reportedly been using the drug as part of his infusion therapy for anxiety and depression. The medical examiner said ketamine’s half-life is only around four hours at the most, but Perry’s last treatment took place a week prior to his death. However, police didn’t believe any foul play was involved after they found him.

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