Authorities Reportedly Probing Case of Hidden Camera on Flight

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

( – The FBI is looking into the case of a hidden camera that was allegedly discovered in an American Airlines flight bathroom. The Massachusetts state police has noted that the “potential criminal act” took place on an American Airlines flight that had flown from Charlotte, N.C., to Boston Logan International Airport on Sept. 2.

According to their statement to WSOC, the incident in question had occurred midair and had involved a “juvenile, a flight attendant, and a cell phone.” State officials noted that as the incident occurred during the flight, any possible crime would be handled by the feds, as reported by Fox News.

According to a passenger who spoke to reporters about it, the incident occurred when a teenage girl tried to use the first-class section bathroom but was blocked from accessing it by a male flight attendant. The flight attendant proceeded to use the bathroom to wash his hands before allowing the girl to use it.

The passenger then noted that they saw the mother of the teenager go to first class and block a different passenger from accessing the bathroom. The mother proceeded to allege that there was a camera in the bathroom and that they should not go there.

After the plane landed, law enforcement escorted the male flight attendant off the flight. The bathroom was also checked by three or four people but so far there has been no update about the incident.

American Airlines has not yet put out a statement in response to the incident.

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