Authorities Uncover Over 1.5M Fentanyl Pills

Authorities Uncover Over 1.5M Fentanyl Pills Hidden in 18-Wheeler

MASSIVE Drug BUST – So Many Pills Recovered!

( – US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) works to keep entry points to the United States safe and secure, including screening people coming into the nation and their luggage and vehicles for contraband. Agents often find drugs hidden in sneaky and strange places. While undergoing a recent search, authorities reportedly uncovered a huge stash of drugs, including fentanyl pills.

On Saturday, August 20, CBP Port Director Michael Humphries, who oversees the Port of Nogales, Arizona, announced his agents seized 1.27 million fentanyl pills hidden in a fake floor of an 18-wheeler. On the floor of the truck itself, there were 300,000 pills under the passenger seats. Additionally, the CBP found over 114 pounds of cocaine, 106 pounds of fentanyl powder, and 13 pounds of heroin in the pair of vehicles.

This announcement came just days after authorities at the same Port of Entry found 15,000 brightly-colored fentanyl pills strapped to someone’s leg.

Stories often emerge detailing authorities’ drug findings. Still, US citizens continue to fall victim to the epidemic of opioids, fentanyl, and other dangerous substances.

Nogales has become a major destination for drug transport. In May, the checkpoint seized more than $550 of fentanyl and methamphetamine concealed in a truck’s gas tank. In February, CBP agents captured more than $7.7 million — 600 pounds — of cocaine hidden amongst a trailer load of cucumbers.

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