Baby Exposed To DANGEROUS Drug – This Is Insane!

Baby Accidentally Exposed to Fentanyl at Park, Reports Say

Baby Comes in Contact With Fentanyl at Park, Reports Say

( – Parks typically contain swingsets, open grass areas to play in, and giggling children. On some of the best days, warm air and sunshine fill the space. But, during a recent visit to a local park, one baby accidentally got fentanyl in his system.

According to the loving parents of twin boys, on Tuesday, November 29, a nanny took 10-month-old Senna Matkovic to Moscone Park in San Francisco, California. Just before 3 p.m., she called 911 when the baby began to lose consciousness. She administered CPR as she waited for the first responders. The baby’s parent said that when paramedics arrived, they administered Narcan, which reverses drug overdoses.

A recent statement provided to People by a San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson indicated the child was recovering after being transported to the emergency room. However, it apparently still hasn’t been officially confirmed whether or not the urgent medical situation was caused by the fentanyl exposure.

The family still doesn’t understand how exactly the often lethal drug got into their child’s system. The child’s father, Ivan Matkovic, spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle, praising the nanny for “her fast reactions.”

The San Francisco Police Department hasn’t released any information about what caused the incident, and authorities reportedly didn’t find any signs of drugs in the immediate area. In his interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Matkovic called himself “ignorant” to the fentanyl issue and warned people to be on the lookout, “because we weren’t.”

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