Bank ROBBERY – Man Pleads Guilty!

Man Pleads Guilty in Bank Robbery Case

Man Enters Guilty Plea in Bank Robbery Case

( – Michael Conley Loyd could be the poster boy for inept criminals everywhere. He tried to pull off a bank robbery but quickly found himself in custody. His plan was far from perfect, and he only managed to supply enough evidence to cement his guilt.

Loyd explained to officers he had to “prove a point” to his romantic partner, which is why he robbed the Bank of America in Springfield, Missouri, in July. However, it’s still unknown to the public what that point was.

One issue was that Loyd seemingly forgot about the GPS ankle monitor he was wearing due to a previous robbery. The monitoring company knew exactly where he was at all times, including inside the bank during the heist.

But things only got worse because the man decided to write the note he handed the teller on the back of his birth certificate. And then, when fleeing the scene, he reportedly threw his driver’s license and the demand letter out the window. But that’s not all he tossed out. Loyd got so scared after seeing police respond to the scene he chucked at least part of the $745 he stole, too, according to the DOJ press release.

Of course, things may have started downhill from the very start when he borrowed his roommate’s truck to pull off the crime. His housemate’s boyfriend ended up alerting cops to his whereabouts so they could arrest him.

Still, he was an honest criminal in the end. Once in custody, Loyd waived his rights and confessed. He pleaded guilty on November 18 to one federal charge of bank robbery. The court could sentence him to a fine of up to $250,000 and a maximum of 20 years in prison.

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