Beijing and Moscow Reportedly Hold Call on Xi Jinping’s Birthday

Beijing and Moscow Reportedly Hold Call on Xi Jinping's Birthday

China Just Had a PHONE CALL With Russia – A Bad Sign?

( – China has refused to condemn Russia’s actions against Ukraine and appears to have no plans to do so. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a call on June 15, Xi’s Birthday. Xi maintained he would not endorse Russia’s actions but said he would not criticize them.

Reports from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the call reveal a neutral position by the nation on Ukraine and a push for uniting the two countries in a mutually beneficial relationship. The Ministry stated Xi told Putin he was open to more trade agreements and would like to maintain a cooperative relationship.

Putin congratulated Xi on the country’s achievements and strong leadership. They agreed to work towards a strong “multilateral coordination” to boost “multipolarization” and establish a “more just and reasonable international order.”

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported that Russian call transcripts show a more supportive attitude from China. The Kremlin claims Xi backed Putin’s actions, characterizing them as protecting national interests.

Despite the differing takes on the phone call, reports suggest China is showing no signs it will side with Europe and the West against Russia. Currently, it appears Xi wishes to maintain a friendly relationship with Russia to further a joint agenda.

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