Ben Sasse’s Departure From Senate Raises Debate Among Republicans

Ben Sasse's Departure From Senate Raises Debate Among Republicans

( – Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) is leaving office this coming January after serving two years of a six-year term to become the president of the University of Florida. Opinions on Sasse are divided in the red-leaning state due to his opposition to former President Donald Trump. Yet, voters don’t get to choose his successor. Nebraska’s Governor-elect Jim Pillen (R) has the job of naming who will fill the Senate seat, and there’s some controversy over his likely choice.

The prediction is Pillen will select current Governor Pete Ricketts, who backed him and played a significant part in getting him elected. Ricketts also ran for the Senate previously in a failed bid. With his background and close relationship with the new governor, reports suggest Ricketts will likely become Pillen’s choice.

Still, some Republicans speaking up about it feel it is a bad situation. According to a report from The Associated Press, Omaha Republican Jeremy Aspen said the choice would simply look like “two rich guys using their money and power to grab a Senate seat.” The current governor has a self-reported net worth of around $50 million and a strong record of spending a lot of money to further his political agenda. But some are on board with the idea, with one former chairman of the state’s GOP saying his spending shows how much he cares about the US.

Ricketts has been governor of Nebraska since 2015, serving two terms in office. Over the years, he has been known for his support for former President Donald Trump, as well his opposition to hot-button issues like critical race theory and abortion. He previously ran for the Senate seat as a Republican back in 2006, but was defeated by his Democratic opponent.

Despite all the buzz, Pillen hasn’t yet announced who he plans to appoint to the role. Those who wish to apply for the seat have until December 23 to do so.

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