Biden Admin Gives GREEN LIGHT – Massive WEAPONS SALE Incoming?

Biden Admin Approves Possible Weapons Sale to Finland

Biden Admin Approves Possible Weapons Sale to Finland

( – Finland applied to become a member of NATO on May 18. In part, the Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted the move because Finland shares a border with Russia. While the ratification process is ongoing, the United States continues to offer Finland support in a move to help strengthen that country’s defenses. Specifically, on November 28, the Department of Defense (DOD) announced a significant potential sale of military equipment and services.

Laws require the DOD’s notification of sale to alert Congress to the move. The agency explained the transfer of tactical missiles and other weapons to Finland. The transaction, if it goes through, will also include training, storage, support, tools, and testing equipment. The DOD estimates the deal’s total value at $323.3 million, though department sources expect the final figure will be lower.

The announcement said the deal would not negatively impact the United States. Instead, it would assist in boosting Finland’s defense capabilities while strengthening a key European ally and increasing goodwill in the Nordic region.

Washington and Helsinki already have a favorable relationship. The US ratified Finland’s entry into NATO on August 3 with strong bipartisan approval. In a statement, President Joe Biden declared a continued resolve on America’s part to keep the Nordic nation secure.

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