Biden Administration Offers $500K for Research on Identifying Extremists in Police Force

Biden Official Offers $500K for Research on Identifying Extremists in Police Force

( – Tensions within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) remain high in the wake of the January 6 riot at the nation’s capital. Of particular concern is the unexpected number of law enforcement officials facing federal charges for their alleged participation in the day’s events. DHS recently established a $500,000 grant to research Insider Threats in American Law Enforcement.

The end goal of the research is the development of “science-based” technologies, programs, and policies to identify and understand the risks associated with the “potential for violent extremist organizations” or individuals acting on their own “to infiltrate law enforcement agencies.”

Homeland Security’s Social Sciences Technology Center will share the findings and methods developed by the grant recipient with federal, state, local, and private organizations to help “minimize” internal threats as they may arise.

Although some conservative civil rights groups expressed concern regarding the grant proposal’s impact on free speech, it specifically states that future prevention efforts will respect individuals’ “civil rights and civil liberties.”

It should prove interesting to see who ends up submitting the winning proposal. Duke University and other well-respected higher learning institutions have posted information regarding the grant for its faculty to review and consider.

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