Biden Administration to Deploy More Troops in Saudi Arabia

Biden Administration to Deploy More Troops in Saudi Arabia

( – Joe Biden appears hell-bent on reversing the accomplishments of his predecessor, Donald Trump. In some instances, the harm to Americans is financial, like his decision to block construction of the Keystone XL pipeline project — a decision that could cost thousands of jobs. In others, his actions undermine defense strategies, like his expressed willingness to reenter the Iran nuclear deal. There’s no evidence Iran complied with the agreement before Trump took office, and recent actions indicate Iran’s drive to do whatever it takes to become a nuclear power.

Making matters worse, US military officials announced on January 26 that they were exploring the possibility of deploying more troops and resources in Saudi Arabia.

Although military officials claim they are looking at using a Saudi port and two airfields as part of contingency plans, the move may strain relations with extremist groups operating in the region and with Iran.

The Trump administration worked to reduce the number of troops in the Middle East and ease tensions in the region. After less than a week in office, Biden’s team already appears to be unraveling those peacekeeping efforts.

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